Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Welcoming Jonah!

Well, we welcomed our son, Jonah, into the world on November 17, 2010. I made sure to get newborn pics of him during his first week so I could capture his sweet little self. Unfortunately, after my daughter was born I didn't get her 'newborn' pics done until she was about 8 weeks so I completely missed out!! Here are the photos of my sweet son (and one of the VERY proud big sister)... Beware, you may want to kiss you computer screen when viewing. =0)

It's all in what you VALUE!!!

I'm going to be completely honest - so honest that I'm a little nervous actually. One of the things I struggle with most as a professional photographer is pricing. It literally keeps me up at night. I use a formula to price all my products. There are times in the past that I have calculated, by using my formula, the 'retail' cost of a product I am offering and have seen the end price and then cut some of the price off the top because I know the number will scare people. Well, what happens in the end is that I end up upside down on products and services. I have a formula for a reason... I have to cover my expenses (the product itself, shipping, the time I put into creating it, etc.) and I have to have something for myself in the end. Just like you, I have a mortgage and bills to pay and two children to help provide for. So why does pricing my products and services completely stress me out even though I have a formula? Bottom line: because I'm afraid I'll lose business. Through trial and error (lots of error!) I have come to realize and accept the fact that when I cheat myself in my business, I in turn cheat my family. This of course is unacceptable and I have made a promise to myself that this will not happen anymore. Since I am currently revamping my pricing, it is serendipitous that I came across this link thanks to a fellow photographer on Facebook. Please, please read it! She gives amazing insight into a professional photographers pricing and what we actually come out with in the end.

Monday, September 20, 2010

The :{A}: Family!

I absolutely love what I do... no doubt and every shoot I do is a pleasure - but some just seem to take the cake and this family - the :{A:} Family does for sure! The A's are so easy going, so sweet, so fun... oh my I could go on and on. Here's a few sneak peeks from their session.

{2010 Holiday Card Collection}

They're here! I have the new {2010 Holiday Card Collection} available for your viewing pleasure! These flat 5x7 templates are customizable and can be printed single or double sided. Leave me some love if you like them!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

AMAZING wedding invites!

You have to check these out... even if you aren't planning a wedding! There are some really cool designs and trendy ideas. My favorite are the tea towels! I wish I'd know about these when my husband and I were married.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Fall Mini-Sessions

Fall Mini-Sessions will be held on September 25, 2010! This is a GREAT opportunity to get those yearly family portraits done at an incredible price! You mini-session will include one hour's time and talent, proofs online for proofing and ordering. This would be a great time to get family photos for those infamous holiday cards done! $50 to reserve your session time.

Three Packages to Choose from:
Basic - $25
One hour session

Premium - $50
One hour session, 5 images from the shoot on CD

Select - $100
One hour session, 12 images from the shoot on CD

Here's the schedule for the day:

9 am

10:15 am

11:30 am

2:00 pm

3:15 pm

4:30 pm

5:45 pm

7:00 pm

Contact me at or 214-274-0892 to reserve your spot! I'm so excited! =0)

Friday, July 23, 2010

Baby on board!

Well, I am having trouble keeping up with my blog posts! I guess its understandable considering I have a two year old - The Bean - at home with me and another one (a boy) on the way! My due date is December 8th, but most likely our little man will be arriving much sooner so we're expecting him to grace us with his presence in November sometime! My life as a mommy and photographer gets more interesting all the time! It's a daily learning process. Anyway, just wanted to share the news. Have a great day, everyone!